Live Footage

We just added two videos from our recent gig at Rockhouse Salzburg.Visit us on to see some live stuff.

The new video is finally online!

We proudly present our new Video “Fear the Fear”.The song was recorded back in January 2019.The video was shot in May 2019.We had some issues finishing the project but here it is at last! With big big thanks to Jakob Klingsbigl from who recorded and produced the song.Also to Pascal Lamers for shooting...


DAISHI (大師堂) - Post Stoner Rock meets Doom Pop.

A massive riff is rising. It had time to grow since the year 2004. We do what we love and this takes time. Born in the 70s and raised in the 90s. You sure will hear these two formative decades in our music. In the shadow of the mountains we evolve the sound, the dynamics and the drive.


  •   Martin Dopsch
  •   Florian Wachter
  •   Martin Löcker
  •   Val Klingsbiegl


Daishi Tech Rider


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